Best Point of Sale System for Small Business

The best point of sale system for small business owners is the one that is tailored to fit their needs. The best POS system for one restaurant may not be the best option for another. We take out the guesswork with decades of experience, excellent options, and white-glove service.

Your point of sale is the hardest working employee you have – choose wisely.

Point of Sale Systems Designed for your Industry.

Tricera Flex is a unique program piggybacking on the concept of popular “cash discount” or “dual pricing” programs. Our clients want options and thanks to recent legislation and our innovative approach, Tricera merchants are no longer required to absorb the ever-increasing cost of accepting credit and debit card payments.


Hybrid POS blending the world-class reliability of server-based point of sale systems and the convenience of the cloud.

Quick Service

Cloud based point of sale built for QSR including free KDS, menu boards, and order status displays.

Retail, C-Store & Vape

Inventory management powerhouse with direct invoice integration to national brands. Movement reports, no SKU limit – you name it.

Popular Restaurant POS Features

Boost Restaurant Profits with Hybrid POS

When a point of sale system is designed by restaurant owners and relentlessly tweaked since 2007 to best serve its customers, you’ll find a lot of little things that you just love.

Conversational Ordering

Change size, cook temp, side options, and modifiers all in the same screen without exiting an item.

Included Modifiers

Gone are the days of hitting “no” and then the item you want the kitchen to leave off or hit 2x to double it. If a burger comes with LTPO, simply tap onion to remove it or double tap to double it.

World-Class Support

This term gets thrown around a lot and we’ve spent YEARS finding the right technology partners. Hybrid POS has true, world-class support.

Popular Quick Service Features

Improve Sales & Brand Awareness with OTF

Customer Facing Display

Improve order accuracy and customer engagement, plus embrace paperless receipts and easy dual pricing with Flex.

Self-Ordering Kiosk

Staffing issues? Banish them with a self-service kiosk designed to not only reduce your overhead, but drive up your average sale.

Free Menu Boards

Advertise your menu right behind your counter. Free software pulls live information from your POS offering improved engagement, upsells, and pushing attention to high profit items.

Free Customer Queue

Instantly notify customers when their order is ready through free kitchen display system and free customer queue board.

Popular Retail POS Features

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

The best part about working with Tricera is that, regardless of how simple the setup is, you never have to do it alone.

Scan Data

Earn cash back based on your scan data performance partnering with tobacco manufacturers.

Flex Dual Pricing

Eliminate processing fees through automated dual pricing with Tricera Flex

Movement Reporting

Take inventory to the next level & see how many days of inventory you have for any item in your store.

Zero Surprises. Zero Increases. Zero Nonsense.

Unlike the giant payment processing behemoths, we are a family owned business built to be inherited. We don't answer to Wall Street, corporate overlords, or private equity terms looking to sell for gajillion's of dollars. 


Choose Your Price


Choose Your Technology


No Long-Term Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

A Little Bird Told Me You’ve Got Questions

Answers are our favorite things to give… well that and amazing service, thank you cards for referrals, killer swag to our partners, and immense savings for our clients. We do like answering questions though.

Can I use the point of sale system I already have?

Most likley. It’s important to note that a lot of point of sale companies don’t let you choose your payments provider or at least discourage it. We can help you have that conversation and also show you awesome systems that will most likely be a fantastic upgrade.

Is there a monthly fee with these POS options?

Yes, typically any point of sale system these days will have a monthly fee. The ancient systems where you could pay one huge sum up front and use it forever are long gone with the incorporation of cloud technology and ever-increasing security update needs.


Do I really need a point of sale system?

Only you can answer that. We can easily say that clients moving from paper tickets to a POS see significant increases in sales (typically a result of lower theft and better item tracking).


How much of the setup do I need to do?

Very little! Restaurants – we need your menu and some time with you to check the menu we build out for you. Retailers – we need an export of your current inventory.