Battle Tested Solutions for In-Store Payments

Rugged hardware with embedded, battle-tested software with built-in redundancy to keep your commerce moving.

Don’t let the Simplicity fool you, this hardware is powerful, resilient, and reliable.

Accountability in a Partner Begins with Access

You see it all the time – companies make promises and then don’t give their clients the access needed to hold them accountable for those same promises. We promise next day funding and you get a text for each deposit. We promise no rate increases and we give you a full portal with all the access you need to verify it. We promise world-class support and so we commit to a human first operation – hiring and training real people to support you.

Powerful Reporting

View transactions in real time, including adjustments, tips, voids, and refunds. Also send receipts remotely, download reports, across all your stores.

Daily Notifications

Let your information come to you. Deposit, chargeback, and settlement notifications come to your phone, email, or pushed to our app.

Human First

Great customer service can’t be replaced with technology. We are proudly and permanently human first.

Promises Kept

We Keep Our Client Promises

When a company is literally built around the merchant’s experience, you’d be amazed at how much easier it is to serve your clients.

Next Day Funding

We do the heavy lifting up front so you’re not waiting on your money.

Locked In & Locked Down Pricing

No fee increases. Like ever.

Freedom of Choice: No Contract

Freedom permeates everything we do and we believe you should have the freedom to choose who you partner with without penalty.

You've Got Options

The Best Hardware in the Industry

Working with the four largest and longest-running hardware manufacturers on planet Earth allows us to deliver rock solid reliability, security, and speed to each and every one of our merchants.

Point of Sale Options

Upgrade your checkout experience with a world-class point of sale system. It’s a calculator, an error-checker, an accountant, keeps track of hours, and helps you focus on running your business instead of it running you.

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Zero Surprises. Zero Increases. Zero Nonsense.

Unlike the giant payment processing behemoths, we are a family owned business built to be inherited. We don't answer to Wall Street, corporate overlords, or private equity terms looking to sell for gajillion's of dollars. 


Choose Your Price


Choose Your Technology


No Long-Term Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

A Little Bird Told Me You’ve Got Questions

Answers are our favorite things to give… well that and amazing service, thank you cards for referrals, killer swag to our partners, and immense savings for our clients. We do like answering questions though.

Does Tricera require long-term contracts?

No. We offer full freedom to our clients – with zero termination fee and no long-term commitment required, if you want to fire us (😢) you have the freedom to do so with no penalty to your business.


Can I use the terminal I already have?

Probably not. While it’s technically possible, most terminals are locked to the processor that programmed it for you. Yes, even if you paid for it. Despite you most likely purchasing that terminal you have now, it’s sadly in the control of your current processoron whether they will release the serial number to be reprogrammed.

What is Tricera Flex?

FLEX is a revolutionary program allowing business owners like you to offset and eliminate up to 100% of your processing fees. Learn more here.