Integrated eCommerce using your cart or ours.

We integrated to roughly 85% of the available eCommerce shopping carts available to US business owners.

Who doesn’t love getting paid faster and saving money while you do it?

We love eCommerce, especially these two.

Tricera integrates with 16 of the top 20 eCommerce platforms in the United States. We even have a simple, no-code option for those looking to start selling online or doing temporary event sales.

Woo Commerce for WordPress

Over 40% of all websites are built on WordPress. WooCommerce is an incredibly powerful, free, and open source platform for eCommerce.

Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce

Customizable enterprise-level eCommerce platform that has stood the test of time. We get full interchange optimization on Magento!

Interchange Optimization

Protect Your eCommerce Profits with Automation

Roughly 70-85% of your processing costs are made up of “interchange” costs. This is the amount that the card issuing bank gets each time that card is used in your store. By adding data to your transactions, our gateway saves clients up to 34% in processing fees.

Set Up Your Merchant Account

You’ll work with one of our highly trained team members to get set up with the right code.

Build Your Gateway & Template

We custom build a transactional template that gets attached to each transaction, transmitting all the data the card brands want to see to give you those excellent rates.

Connect to eCommerce Platform

Copy and paste production keys into your cart platform and we are off to the races!

Integrated Shopping Carts

We’re adding new eCommerce platform integrations all the time…

Love your cart but want to reduce cost of acceptance? We specialize in integrations. We are addicted to reducing the headache of risk holds, slow customer service, and kicking overpriced processors to the curb. 

Zero Surprises. Zero Increases. Zero Nonsense.

Unlike the giant payment processing behemoths, we are a family owned business built to be inherited. We don't answer to Wall Street, corporate overlords, or private equity terms looking to sell for gajillion's of dollars. 


Choose Your Price


Choose Your Technology


No Long-Term Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

A Little Bird Told Me You’ve Got Questions

Answers are our favorite things to give… well that and amazing service, thank you cards for referrals, killer swag to our partners, and immense savings for our clients. We do like answering questions though.

I don't see my eCommerce platform here, does that mean you can't integrate?

Not at all! If we posted the logo of every system we integrate with, you’d be scrolling for days before getting to our witty FAQ sections and bad payments puns. Reach out to our team and we’ll quickly see if we can integrate with your cart.


Is Tricera Flex / no-fee processing available on shopping carts?

It depends on your cart, but most likley we can do some form of fee based processing and eliminate the vast majority of your fees if not all of them.


Does Tricera build eCommerce sites?

Not internally, no. We can connect you with affordable professionals who can get you set up and guide you to the cart that will get the job done for you. 

Is interchange optimization available on all shopping carts?

Not yet. We’re at the mercy of the platform on what integrations they open up. Happy to discuss your situation!