Connecting Communities through Commerce

Tricera is a great deal more than just the best dang payment processor out there. We’re obsessively passionate about empowering entrepreneurship and helping small and medium sized businesses thrive in one of the harshest business environments we’ve ever seen.

Involved in growing community

Community is about more than just geography. It’s about mutual vision and alignment in purpose. We believe that small business is the lifeblood of the American Dream and that personal freedom is the cornerstone of what it means to be American. We are building communities of like-minded inviduals aggressively pursuing their dreams through personal excellence and maximizing their personal freedoms.

Do Local Campaign

Drink Local, Shop Local, Eat Local, Invest Local, Support Local… we provide marketing materials to help your patrons “do” local.

Supporting Values

Since 1910 the Boy Scouts of America has been developing the next generation of young community leaders. We provide financial support to troops.

Telling Your Story

Every entrepreneur started with a vision and successful ones turned it into reality. That takes mastery and we’re betting it’s a hell of a story. We’ll tell that story for you.

More Local Please

We Manage 10+ Business Owner Groups on Social Media to Support Local

Tricera actively manages several social community groups buildt around business owners and entrepreneurship. This is our way of providing a helpful resource and allowing others to leverage their experience to help other entrepreneurs in their journey.

Zero Surprises. Zero Increases. Zero Nonsense.

Unlike the giant payment processing behemoths, we are a family owned business built to be inherited. We don't answer to Wall Street, corporate overlords, or private equity terms looking to sell for gajillion's of dollars. 


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No Long-Term Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

A Little Bird Told Me You’ve Got Questions

Answers are our favorite things to give… well that and amazing service, thank you cards for referrals, killer swag to our partners, and immense savings for our clients. We do like answering questions though.

Can Tricera support my local Troop?

We have an incredible program for troops and packs in any location and would love to walk you through it. Contact us to get in touch with a community advocate.


How can I be on the Master Your Craft Podcast?

Awesome! We’re always on the hunt for new entrepreneurial stories to tell. Reach out so we can have a quick Meet to learn more about you.

How can I participate in Do Local?

Each of Tricera’s clients get a small starter kit on embracing Do Local. “Do” is anything – spend, shop, invest, eat, drink, support, hire… all the things we need for a thriving community.