Hi, we’re Tricera.

Remember how awesome it was when a giant multinational company gobbled up your employer or your favorite vendor? We don’t either. After a series of unwanted 10-figure acquisitions, we decided we could do it better.


Wall Street earnings targets, private equity investors, or funding rounds.






We Do It Better

Sometimes when you build the train, lay the tracks, and act as conductor, you may as well own the railroad. Our team has built giant sales teams and operational systems for huge players in payments. When they went Wall St. or got acquired, we built the company of our dreams.

Mutually Aligned Interests

We are proud to stand beside you and grow with you. Our growth comes from your growth.

Human First Service

USA service and support begins in your community with local sales & support and extends to every touch point.

No Long-Term Contracts

Your business is earned every single day and if you aren’t getting what you need you are free to go.

No Cancellation Fees

You won’t be penalized with a cancellation fee if you choose to close your merchant account.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

You have access to multiple pricing strategies and you’ll understand the one you choose with no hidden or extra fees.

Local Sales, Service & Support

Highly experienced and fanatically supported local humans are here for you when you need them.

Lifetime Rate Lock

The pricing you agree to is the pricing you get. Today, tomorrow, months, or years down the road.

Embrace Technology

Our mission to support entrepreneurs obligates us to search out, learn, and test the latest in payment technology so you can thrive.

Zero Surprises. Zero Increases. Zero Nonsense.

Unlike the giant payment processing behemoths, we are a family owned business built to be inherited. We don't answer to Wall Street, corporate overlords, or private equity terms looking to sell for gajillion's of dollars. 


Choose Your Price


Choose Your Technology


No Long-Term Contract

Frequently Asked Questions

A Little Bird Told Me You’ve Got Questions

Answers are our favorite things to give… well that and amazing service, thank you cards for referrals, killer swag to our partners, and immense savings for our clients. We do like answering questions though.

What's the deal with "Tricera"?

The triceratops is our founder’s son’s favorite dinosaur. It is also a dinosaur that is uniquely American – in that the preponderance of fossil evidence is found on our freedom-enriched soil. Lastly, the payments industry is filled with predators. If we’re going to defend you from the carnivorous, Wall Street meat eaters, don’t you want us to be a 16,000 pound tank with horns and a built-in shield?

How large of a client can you guys really handle?

We process payments primarily on one of three sets of payments “rails”. TSYS, one of our options, transmits over 32 billion transactions a year. While we’d be delighted for volume that would materially impact the capacity of our partners, we’re certain we can handle anything you throw at us.


Do you have local people in my area?

Maybe! Our business is built on the idea of empowering local agents and agent teams to provide amazing support and technology. That said, we have dozens of clients in remote areas and we can still get them world class support that beats the brakes off the big globo-corps of the world.